The Murfet Group

Murfet Group is a property development and property investment firm based in Cambridgeshire. Founded in 1988, the company has overseen exponential growth in recent years, due to our successful approach and experienced team of highly qualified professionals within specific sectors; spanning planning, architecture, contract surveying and project management. At the very core of our foundation is a focus on understanding. Understanding our customer’s individual needs, as well as understanding the importance of community and its surrounding environment.

Having initially specialised in property development throughout the 1990’s, Murfet Group made considerable investments in the residential and light commercial property market, properties that we still hold and manage today. Over the years, with planned growth, progress and expansion Murfet Group has now positioned itself at the forefront of the residential, light commercial and property development industry.

We believe that any development is underpinned by architectural and environmental planning, continuing with an innovative design and considerations for the practicalities of living. Whilst we surpass others with regard to the build quality of our developments, ensuring they are bespoke to their location as well as being designed to compliment their surroundings and local community, we also pride ourselves on only selecting sustainable locations for these developments. Whether it is in a city, town centre, on the fringes of a village or a totally rural setting, we provide a unique approach, delivered to extremely high standards with a minimal impact on the environment.

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